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December 5, 2018

Our Buy Generic Phentermine 37.5 Online sewing cabinet is the latest addition to our Murano Collection.

The sewing cabinet is constructed from a patchwork of our own in-house Murano curved veneers made from oak and brown oak, with the surface pattern carefully aligning on each panel. Our Murano veneers have been developed and perfected in the workshop to produce wavy, straight, curved or radial effects in beautiful and contrasting timbers, that once oiled enhances the rich and unique characteristics of each chosen material. The sewing cabinet is further enhanced by inlaid fumed oak curved ‘strings’ that create flow across the surface and are suggestive of the fine cutting lines of a dressmaking pattern.


A front elevation view of the sewing desk.


A front elevation view of the sewing desk with the centre door open showing storage shelves.



A front elevation view of the sewing desk with all the panels open. Shows storage space for sewing machine and hatch in top.


A detail of the top right corner of the sewing desk showing Murano veneers and inlaid strings.


Buy Phentermine Topix