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Edward Johnson sat at table with two clients discussing the designs for their bespoke furniture.

Buying Phentermine 37.5 Online, Legitimate Phentermine Online 2013

We will tailor the commissioning process to suit each client, working towards their individual requirements and lifestyle. When our clients commission a piece of furniture, especially bespoke, they take a leap of faith and trust in our ability as a team to create something special. We cherish the thought that we are not just maintaining but progressing a skill that without our patrons would no longer exist. As an award-wining studio and workshop, we work hard to deliver considered beautiful designs skilfully crafted to the highest of standards. As a friendly and approachable team, we will make the process as flexible, enjoyable and rewarding experience as possible.

We have been commissioned to design and make furniture for a range of clientele, from first-timers to seasoned collectors and all those in between, and pride ourselves on listening and understanding your requirements, so we can tailor the commission specifically for you.

How do I commission custom made furniture?

Buying Phentermine 37.5 Online, Legitimate Phentermine Online 2013

Typically, the process starts with either an email or phone call through which we will discuss the project in broad terms, covering questions such as: type of furniture, location, function, timescales, design and budget aspirations.

Initial meeting

Following this, the next step is to arrange an initial meeting, ideally in your own home to give Edward the opportunity to view the location for the furniture and discuss your requirements. The intention at this stage is not to create a definitive design but rather to gain a sense of the feel, function and style as a basis for the design. Edward will also discuss your budget, and once he has had a little time to consider your project in more depth he will give you an indication of the cost of comparable projects.

If it is not convenient or practical to meet in your home, Edward will welcome you at his studio in Bosham or indeed even discuss the project over the phone and via email. In both these cases, we would ask you to provide some photographs of the room where your commission will be located. Following the initial meeting, and once you have decided to proceed, we ask for a deposit of £600 to begin the designing process.

Design Development

Edward will begin to work on the development of your design based on ideas discussed at your meeting. He will bring together his ideas in the form of a design sheet which will contain a mix of sketches, photos and samples. At this stage, designs are kept loose and fluid to capture the general concept of the piece, whilst keeping the design open to further discussion and development. The mood boards will then be presented to you for your consideration and feedback before progressing to the next stage.

Design Presentation

With the direction of the design now established, Edward will begin to work on an in-depth proposal, and refine the design. Ideally, we like to present the next stage of the design to you in our workshop in Bosham, where further hand drawn, and AutoCAD production plans will be produced and presented to you – alongside an accurate guide price, material samples, and on occasion, physical models and prototypes. This also gives you the opportunity to visit our workshop and studio environment and gain a deeper understanding of our craft.

After approval and agreement on all aspects of the design, a fixed quotation and full payment schedule will be drawn up.

Workshop Production

Next, we schedule your design for production in our workshop. At each stage we will keep you fully up to date with your project, and where possible, send you workshop photographs of your furniture in progress. We will always work closely with you and keep you informed every step of the way.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, or speak to us about a commission, please contact us on 01243 696606 or Buy Generic Phentermine 37.5 Online.