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Where Can I Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Tablet, Phentermine Hcl 37.5 Mg Buy Online


As well as being practical and functional this sideboard was also designed to create a partial screen between an open plan dining room and hallway. This piece brings together materials that have varying characteristics, such as bespoke glass, stonework and wood, which adds complexity to the construction. Whilst designing this piece we worked closely with the client, who created the pattern for the kiln formed glass screen based on the Fibonacci sequence of seed dispersal.

Design Alteration Examples/Options

You may want to tailor the design to suit your specific requirements. We have a can-do attitude so why not get in touch with Edward to discuss your options.


166cm (w) x 218cm (h) x 63cm (d)


Shown in American walnut and oak, with a stone worktop, kiln formed glass and bespoke stainless-steel fittings.

Edward believes the following materials would work well with this design, however, there are many other options available.
London plane with maple detailing or English walnut with fumed oak detailing:

Wood samples of London plane, maple, English walnut and fumed oak.

Limited Edition – 3

Lead Time
– Lead time varies according to the workshop schedule

Design Time
– If you would like to tailor the design please allow 1 – 2 weeks

Production Time
– Project takes 8 – 16 weeks to manufacture in our workshop

Guide Price
– £20,500


View and download our product sheet:

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