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Collage of bespoke chair details and bespoke chair diagram.

Reliable Online Pharmacy Phentermine, Can You Buy Phentermine In Cozumel Mexico

We have been commissioned to design and make a wide range of bespoke chairs and stools in a variety of sizes and styles specifically tailored to our clients’ homes. Designing creatively, we can combine both beauty and function and custom-make a single bespoke chair, or collection of chairs and bespoke stools in a combination of materials. Using highly skilled local upholsterers we can also help select the right fabric to suit and complement your room scheme.

Whether a complete re-invention or just a slight tweak on an existing design, the real art of bespoke is achieving perfection first time. Our designer-maker relationship is fundamental to us in achieving very high standards and continued success, alongside complete client satisfaction.

As an accomplished cabinet maker himself, Edward’s approach to design is steeped in his understanding of his materials and his mastered ability to engineer in wood. The combination of this experience coupled with his creative aptitude is the driving force behind every project.

If you have any questions or would like to find more about commissioning a piece of our furniture, please give us a call on 01243 696606 or Buy Generic Phentermine 37.5 Online, and we’ll be in touch.

Lead Time

Lead time varies according to the workshop schedule.

Bespoke Design Time

Allow 2 – 6 weeks

Bespoke Production Time

£1k – £5k projects take between 2 – 4 weeks
£5k – £10k projects take between 6 – 8 weeks
£10k – £20k projects take between 8 – 16 weeks

Budgeting for Bespoke

Chairs – start from £1,000 to £20,000
Stools – start from £800 to £5,000


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