Ed, Edd & Eddy – new combinations!

July 14, 2019


Our Ed, Edd & Eddy set of three sofa tables are still a firm favourite with our clients. After receiving a Certificate of Merit from the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers back in 2010, the design of these beautifully hand-crafted tables has stood the test of time and the tables have become an Edward Johnson classic. Hence, we celebrate their tenth year in production as well as the tenth anniversary of Edward Johnson Ltd.

Ed, edd & Eddy set of three sofa tables shown in a room next to the arm  of a sofa.

Forming part of our Sussex Collection of smaller items, we recently made five brand-new sets of the Ed, Edd & Eddy tables in the following timber combinations:

  • Burr elm with fumed oak legs
  • Burr elm with oak legs
  • Rippled French walnut with fumed oak legs
  • Ebonised French walnut with fumed oak legs
  • Burr elm with a combination of walnut, oak and olive ash legs

You can see all of our available sets ready for immediate purchase in the ‘Made & Ready’ section on our website, or they can be made to commission in the timber combination of your choice.

Plan view of nest of three tables made in elm and fumed oak
Burr elm with fumed oak legs

With their elegant appearance, and designed with functionality at the fore, the nest of sofa tables is designed to fit neatly around the arm of your sofa or to nest away tidily in your room. Every element of the design has been meticulously considered and intricately designed, including the elegant detailing of the legs, and of course each set is finished with Edward’s unique silver maker’s mark.

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