Enduring design…

December 22, 2016

Enduring design, enduring furniture, enduring memories…

Sharing with loved ones at this special time of year is extremely important, and knowing that our furniture will be part of your celebrations brings us a great sense of joy. In an age where objects and possessions are often perceived as being throw-away, short-lived and disposable, here in the studio Edward and the team aim to produce beautiful furniture that is built to last and endure the test of time.

Whether you’re enjoying friendly banter sat around the dining table, playing board games on the coffee table or getting out of washing up whilst nodding off in your chaise longue, we hope that our furniture is bringing life to the heart of your home, where friends and family will continue to forge fond memories.

Our exacting standards for each and every piece of our meticulously designed furniture is extremely high and sets a benchmark for quality, luxury and longevity. Our principal aim is that our unique creations will always be enjoyed both in the moment and the future, as a cherished heirloom to be loved, cared for and treasured for generations to come.

Our hope is that our furniture becomes the focal point for sharing the special moments in life, for you to enjoy today and reminisce tomorrow.



A family sat round a dining table.


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