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March 26, 2020

We are very pleased to be featured in this month’s Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine. The article is an interview with Edward and the Furniture Makers’ Company after his Radiant Desk was awarded a prestigious Bespoke Guild Mark (No. 473) in 2019.

Article in Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine

The Radiant desk forms part of Edward’s Murano Collection, where the central feature to each piece in the collection is the use of our own in-house ‘Murano’ veneers. These have been developed and perfected in the workshop to produce wavy, straight, curved or radial effects in beautiful and contrasting timbers, that once oiled enhances the rich and unique characteristics of each chosen material.

An composite image showing Edward Johnson's Radiant desk from 6 different angles.

The desk is made from fumed and brown oak. The top of the desk starts with a small semi-circular fumed oak centre, that flows seamlessly from the ‘core’ radiating outwards, evoking the growth rings of a tree. The contrasting pattern continues to flow down both sides of the feature aerofoil-shaped legs, reminiscent of fin keels of a boat.

As well as our Murano veneers, another significant element is the use of a stack laminating technique to form the legs, that are then hand-shaped and sculpted. This piece is all about beautiful curves, contrast and pattern.

Example of hand-shaping and sculpting stacked-laminated elements.

This commissioned project was two-fold – with the main desk to be made as a free-standing future heirloom piece, but also, to be incorporated into a fitted desk and storage element with the ‘Murano’ veneers flowing into the corner of the room (as shown).

The Radiant desk shown incorporated into the fitted desk and storage element.

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