International Property Magazine

November 4, 2019

Editorial: We are really pleased to have our Family Tree keepsake boxes featured in this month’s International Property Magazine.

International Property Magazine November-December 2019

A Slice of your family tree

“Heirloom Boxes by designer-maker Edward Johnson are a contemporary twist on a traditional family tree, designed to evoke a slice through a tree trunk.

Handmade from hundreds of thin strips of timber, the curved pattern represents the annual growth rings of a tree, with darker woods symbolising each family members’ year of birth.

The family tree concept is subtly interwoven into Edward’s award-winning ‘Murano’ veneer process. The radial pattern is formed by cutting, bending and meticulously configuring hundreds of strips of timber. Giving careful consideration to tone and contrast, the dark fumed oak core symbolises the grandparent’s year of birth, with the subsequent dark oak lines marking the years their children and grandchildren were born.

This conception can also be applied to a wide range of Edward’s designs, from desks to cabinet boxes and jewellery boxes.”

You can read more about Edward’s Family Tree concept on our blog post here.

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