Ripples Collection

February 18, 2022

The Ripples Collection is one of Edward Johnson’s signature styles, and is made using a unique technique that has been developed and perfected in his workshop. Edward’s work is the product of a deep understanding of his materials and the desire to explore its possibilities. His creative approach allows him to think outside of the box and push the boundaries of his materials.

Edward describes his work as:
‘being led by a core desire to challenge and innovate’.

Edward’s designs are often conceptually based, but with form and function always at the fore. He perceives both beauty and usefulness in equal parts when designing and developing his ideas into thought-provoking, fluid and tactile forms. One of his principal aims is to challenge our understanding of what is possible, which he achieves through creative aptitude and his mastered ability to engineer in wood.

Four examples of Rippled timber in bog oak, ash, walnut and limed ash.
Our Ripples concept in bog oak, ash, walnut and limed ash

Spotlight on the Ripples Collection

The Ripples technique pushes laminating in a whole new direction with the principal intention to create elegant, clean and fluid forms which allow the materials to provide the detail. Inspired by the action of a stone dropping into water, Edward’s concept was to give the illusion of concentric ripples engulfing the entire form; bringing movement, life and softness to the surfaces.

Edward spent many hours designing, refining and prototyping this technique to enable the successful crafting of this unique rippled effect in timber, fully exploring the constructional details and calculating the parameters and limitations of the material.

Edward’s exploratory approach can be traced back to his university research, when he first began to explore different methods of bending and forming timber in three dimensions. Edward has been developing his techniques and methodologies ever since and this has led to his finely-honed and innovative techniques.

The rippled concept can be applied to nearly any piece of furniture with any desired function, in almost any wood.

This technique has been also been acknowledged by winning two prestigious Bespoke Guild Marks and the Wood Awards.

‘Ripples’ chest of drawers

Ripples chest of drawers with a rippled surface to the exterior made in ash. The ripple pattern starts from the top right corner and flow outwards to engulf the whole piece.

The Ripples chest of drawers is made from ash, with walnut, ash and cedar drawers.
Dimensions: 140cm (w) x 95cm (h) x 45cm (d).

Ripples won the Wood Awards in 2013 – The UK’s premier award for excellence in design in wood.

‘Bog Oak Ripples’ chest

Bog oak chest with rippled exterior. Shown closed with the ripple starting from one corner, reminiscent of ripples in water.

The Bog Oak Ripples chest is made in 5000+ year-old bog oak with an interior of book-matched olive ash burr.
Dimensions: 128cm (w) x 55cm (h) x 50cm (d).

The Bog Oak Ripples chest was awarded a prestigious Bespoke Guild Mark in 2016 (Guild Mark No. 460).

‘Orbis’ drinks cabinet

Front view of our Orbis rippled drinks cabinet made in walnut with oak interior.

The Orbis drinks cabinet is made in walnut with a quarter sawn oak interior and scorched oak base.
Dimensions: 165cm (w) x 93cm (h), 54cm (d).

The Orbis drinks cabinet was awarded a prestigious Bespoke Guild Mark in 2016 (Guild Mark No. 458).

‘Reflection’ linen chest

Front view of the closed linen chest showing the ripples engulfing the entire exterior surface.

The Reflection linen chest is made from limed ash with an interior of book-matched olive ash burr.
Dimensions: 127cm (w) x 48cm (h) x 47cm (d).

‘Splash’ coffee table

Domed blue bird's-eye maple coffee table with rippled surface with glass top.

The Splash coffee table is made from light blue bird’s-eye maple and glass.
Dimensions: 100cm (w) x 45cm (h) x 100cm (d).

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