New pieces: Sussex Collection

May 15, 2018

We have just launched two new pieces as part of our Sussex Collection: our set of three Chichester Tables and our Chichester Mirror. The Sussex Collection is a selection of smaller limited-edition items, comprising of more affordable pieces. It includes our classic Ed, Edd & Eddy nest of sofa tables, our Undressed clothes valet and our Urchin jewellery box amongst others.

These pieces utilise many of our laminating and hand-shaping techniques and are all hand-crafted from the finest timbers. Each piece in the collection is made in our own workshop, with the same high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail as any of the larger Edward Johnson pieces.



New piece: Sussex Collection - our set of three Chichester Tables made in ash and glassSet of three Chichester Tables in ash.


New piece: Sussex Collection - Inverted teardrop-shaped full-length mirror with a walnut frame.Chichester Mirror in walnut.


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