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Buy Phentermine Canada Online, Phentermine Order Online Consult

Buy Phentermine Canada Online, Phentermine Order Online Consult


This delightful chest of drawers and side table is all about symmetry. Its design is both compact and elegant, whilst its construction is complex. The exterior is made from hundreds of strips of walnut that have been joined together to make our own thick veneer that radiates from the central oak core. The oiled finish adds a warmth and depth of colour that gives a beautiful shimmer.

Design Alteration Examples/Options

You may want to tailor the design to suit your specific requirements. We have a can-do attitude so why not get in touch with Edward to discuss your options.


65cm (w) x 59cm (h) x 47cm (d)


Shown in walnut with an oak starburst and oak interior and oil finish.

Edward believes the following materials would work well with this design, however, there are many other options available.
Maple and sycamore combination or elm:

Wood samples of maple, sycamore and elm.

Limited Edition – 10

Lead Time
– Lead time varies according to the workshop schedule

Design Time
– If you would like to tailor the design please allow 1 – 2 weeks

Production Time
– Project takes 4 – 8 weeks to manufacture in our workshop

Guide Price
 – £5,900


Dear Ed,
Just to thank you for coming up yesterday to deliver the very beautiful little chest which is now looking splendid in my sitting room. Thank you and the team for doing it so swiftly and well – I am very pleased indeed. If I have any questions about care I will come back to you but in the meantime, I just intend to enjoy it!


View and download our product sheet:

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