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The Undressed valet is a unique and innovative twist on a traditional form. When ‘undressed’ the clean, pristine lines are revealed and make a beautiful wall-hung sculptural form; when ‘dressed’ the valet becomes a highly functional product to hold your daily items, clothes and accessories. Its curves are designed to hold all types of clothing including trousers, jackets, hats and bags. The integrated wooden bowl is ideal for storing smaller items such as jewellery, watches, keys or loose change.

The innovative design showcases the qualities of solid timber, natural form and British craftsmanship at its best. The valet has an oil finish and comes supplied with a simple paper template for easy fixing to the wall*.

*Please note the undressed valet is only suitable for fixing to solid walls or stud work, and therefore not suitable for fixing to plasterboard alone.


77.5cm (h) x 51.5cm (w) x 27.5cm (d)


Limited Edition
– 100

– £710 (bespoke £750) + delivery


The Gentleman’s Valet and Lady’s Maid is a beautiful and practical piece. The standard of Edward’s work is unsurpassed, and we really feel that we have exactly what we want – no compromises!


View and download our product sheet:

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