Full-length Mirror – Walnut, Sycamore & London Plane

Chichester Mirror – ref. 1802


This elegant limited-edition full-length mirror forms part of our Sussex Collection. The mirror has a beautiful inverted tear-drop frame made from one continuous length of timber. The frame and base join together on a rotating swivel joint that allows the mirror to lean against the wall at any angle. Soft bumpers prevent the mirror from marking the wall and slipping on any type of floor.

Price list available on request

48.5cm (w) x 162.5cm (h) x 37cm (d)

Diagram of Chichester Mirror with dimensions.Materials
Shown in walnut, also available in sycamore and London plane:

Wood samples in walnut, sycamore and London plane.

Limited Edition – 100

Lead Time
– Lead time varies according to the workshop schedule

Production Time
– Project takes 2 – 4 weeks to manufacture in our workshop


Edward Johnson’s designs are creative, original and beautifully crafted. I was so delighted the elegant walnut Chichester mirror that I bought a second one!


View and download our product sheet:

Limited-edition Chichester Mirror in walnut, London plane and walnut information sheet


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