Keepsake Boxes – Elm & Walnut

‘Family Tree’ Keepsake Box – ref: 1818


The limited-edition Family Tree keepsake box utilises our own in-house Murano veneers (shown above in both elm and walnut, each with contrasting dark fumed oak). The curved Murano pattern suggests the growth rings of a tree with the contrasting smooth end-grain texture representing bark. The concept behind the keepsake box is to represent the generations of your family by subtly marking their dates of birth, by calculating and inserting contrasting ‘rings’ emanating from the core.

The textured end of the box takes its inspiration from traditional Hakone marquetry and Tunbridge ware, the texture is created from a miniaturised pattern of end grain.

The box pivots from one corner allowing the lid to swivel open to allow access to a shallow upper tray, which also opens to reveal a deeper second tray.

Price list available on request


38cm (w) x 15cm (h) x 23.5cm (d)


Shown in elm with fumed oak and walnut with fumed oak.

Edward believes the following materials would work well with this design, however, there are many other options available.

Wood samples

Limited Edition – 10

Lead Time
– Lead time varies according to the workshop schedule

Design Time
– If you would like to tailor the design please allow 1 – 2 weeks

Production Time
– Project takes 8 – 16 weeks to manufacture in our workshop

View and download our product sheet:

Bespoke heirloom box product sheet


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