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Buy Phentermine Hcl 30Mg Capsules, Real Phentermine Pills Online


This set of three limited-edition circular tables from our Sussex Collection is designed to group together in any configuration as a feature centrepiece or can be used separately as side tables around the room.

The gently curving and tapered legs are integral to the circular top, which comes together with a seamless flow and leads your eye down and through the glass. The glass top is inset and has a small bevelled edge.

Although the tables typically come as a set of three we can make them to order individually*.

Tall: 33cm (diam) x 63cm (h) – Medium: 43cm (diam) x 53cm (h) – Short: 53cm (diam) x 43cm (h)


Available in ash, oak and walnut

Wood samples of ash, oak and walnut.

Limited Edition – 300

– Set of three tables: Ash £2,950 + delivery (Oak £3,025 – Walnut £3,100) + delivery
*Individual tables: Ash £1,300 + delivery (Oak £1,340 – Walnut £1,370) + delivery


View and download our product sheet:


Buy Generic Phentermine 37.5 Online


Buy Phentermine Topix