The Murano Collection was originally inspired by a visit to the island of Murano, where Venetian master craftsmen have been producing glassware for centuries, by floating layers of different coloured glass through one another to produce exquisite patterns.

Our Murano veneers have been developed and perfected in our workshop and are all made in-house. They have been adapted to form wavy, radial and straight designs. Each veneer uses contrasting timbers to add texture or to create a blended effect. The various patterns result in carefully matched sweeping lines and curves that engulf the entire surface of the furniture.

This collection stems from Edward’s interest and expertise in laminating. This time his aim was to develop an organic free-flowing form reminiscent of Venetian glass. To create this effect, hundreds of thin strips of wood are cut in the workshop and reconfigured, resulting in sweeping lines and curves bringing soft and organic patterns to the angular forms.

The Murano veneers can be constructed in a wide range and combination of timbers and applied to almost any of our designs.

Read more about Edward’s ‘Family Tree’ concept that adds an extra dimension and personalises our Murano commissions.

View limited-edition furniture from our Murano Collection.


All our Ripples furniture is made using a unique technique that has been developed and perfected by Edward Johnson.

The Ripples technique pushes laminating in a whole new direction with the principal intention to create elegant, clean and fluid forms which allow the materials to provide the detail. Inspired by the action of a stone dropping into water, Edward’s concept was to give the illusion of concentric ripples engulfing the entire form; bringing movement, life and softness to the surfaces.

Edward spent many hours designing, refining and prototyping this technique to enable the successful crafting of this unique rippled effect in timber, fully exploring the constructional details and calculating the parameters and limitations of the material.

Edward’s exploratory approach can be traced back to his university research, when he first began to explore different methods of bending and forming timber in three dimensions. Edward has been developing his techniques and methodologies ever since and this has led to his finely-honed and innovative techniques.

The rippled concept can be applied to nearly any piece of furniture with any desired function, in almost any wood.

This technique has been also been acknowledged by winning two prestigious Bespoke Guild Marks and the Wood Awards.

View limited-edition furniture from our Ripples Collection.


The Freeform Collection is all about clean lines and curves and pushes laminating to its limits in a very different way to the methods adopted for the Ripples and Murano Collections.

Often the sweeping curved elements used in the construction are made from one continuous length of timber, using various moulding techniques to shape and manipulate the material. Each curved element is then finished by hand using various spoke-shaves, requiring outstanding craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail.

Typically, during the research and development stages of our freeform pieces, small-scale models and prototypes are made. Unusually, these often include sections made at actual size, in order to gauge the stresses, strains and limitations on the timber in each unique case.

View limited-edition furniture from our Freeform Collection.

Sussex Collection

The Sussex Collection is a looser, eclectic signature style that combines elegance with simplicity that reflects Edward Johnson’s design style. You will see a resemblance through the designs that express a classic and contemporary style. These pieces often have clean, curved forms with stylish detailing.

View limited-edition furniture from our Sussex Collection.