Inspired Coffee Table

March 28, 2012

Key to the creation of our stunning coffee table was the consultation process. We had already met and chatted to Ed before we decided to ask him to help us find a table that worked for us. Neither of us can pretend to have design credentials. Ed made it easy to talk to him and to listen to his advice. He brought together his skills and our aspirations perfectly – no mean feat! As it happens we didn’t like the first suggestions he sketched so Ed made some more. From these the final specification emerged. We are very pleased with the table – which has great presence with a lightness of touch. It also rests happily on the carpet which I’d describe as striking rather than “eccentric”! Mr Johnson has, with great attention to detail, listened carefully, advised authoritatively and produced for us a work of art.

Mr & Mrs P, Petersfield, Hampshire


Inspired bespoke coffee table



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