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September 5, 2017

We first saw Edward’s work at a Sussex Guild show and were very impressed with his workmanship, style and attention to detail. When we moved into our new home I wanted a dedicated craft space without taking over a whole room and met with Edward to discuss a multi-purpose sewing desk to fit in a space on the mezzanine floor of our open plan style home. We had many detailed discussions over the requirements, and Edward visited the space to get a feel for what would work there. One of main criteria was to incorporate a mechanical lift for my sewing machine, so I am able to stow it easily and keep it readily available.

As well as being a most attractive piece of furniture, it is also a pleasure to work at as all features have been ergonomically designed for comfort and practicality. This was not a quick commission as there were many factors to consider, but I now have something that works in all ways and suits our home very well indeed, plus Edward commented that he enjoyed designing something that was a first for him!

The standard of Edward’s work is unsurpassed, and we really feel that we have exactly what we want – no compromises!


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