The Edward Johnson Team

We are a friendly, approachable and highly skilled professional team comprising of cabinet makers, a workshop assistant, a studio and marketing manager and Edward Johnson who has a varied role from designing to making and everything in between. Everyone in the team plays a highly important and essential role, enabling us to produce our fine furniture.

Edward also plays an important hands-on role at the bench, supporting the team to bring his thought-provoking and challenging furniture designs to life. We focus our efforts on quality over quantity and believe our level of craftsmanship, problem solving acumen and customer liaison is key to our successful collaborations with clients.


The Edward Johnson team sitting on the dim saw in the workshop.


For us it is vital that the designing doesn’t stop when it leaves the drawing board. As designer-makers we have a hands-on relationship with our furniture, which allows us to constantly develop the designs as they evolve into three dimensional objects. By remaining a small team and making everything in our own workshop we consider every single detail, from hand selecting the most suitable timber to choosing the best grain for individual components. Whether there is a complicated technical challenge, an issue with the function of a piece, or simply a chamfer needs applying or adjusting, we are ideally placed to fine tune it. This rare working relationship we have with our furniture is at the heart of our business, and fundamental in making sure our clients are happy, and that we continue to produce some of the very finest handcrafted furniture in the country.


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