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Phentermine Online South Africa, No Prescriptions Needed For Phentermine

January 10, 2019

The Buy Generic Phentermine 37.5 Online jewellery box is our latest creation, and the first piece to be finished in 2019! It utilises our in-house Murano veneers. Ed has taken his semi-circular veneers a step further to produce them in perfectly matched circular forms that appear on five sides of this cubed jewellery box.


Squaring the Circle jewellery box shown closed.

Jewellery box – Elm & Maple

Squaring the Circle jewellery box shown open.

To make our unique Murano veneers we cut hundreds of strips of timber and then reconfigure them back to a solid form, before cutting them down again into thin slices. In this case each side of the box is reminiscent of the growth rings of a tree, relating back to the very material it is made from. The external veneers are made from elm and have an oiled finish. The timber has dark and rich tones that have hints of green and pink. The curves of the veneer are juxtaposed with the straight and angular form of the cube.


Buy Phentermine TopixEd’s original drawings for the jewellery box.


A solid turned ‘dimple’ is incorporated into the top, which acts as a discreet handle to fully open the two sides of the jewellery box. The interior and the four stackable and removable trays are made from solid maple that beautifully complements the elm exterior. The trays are lined with a quality teal suedette fabric and are designed and configured in various combinations to hold various items.



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