Wooden Furniture and Materials

Timeless wooden furniture

Embellished with glass, metal, fabric and leather

Our roots are wood

It’s in our veins. We love working with all various species. While we each have our favourites, we won’t let that sway your decision for what’s right for the project. You can choose from a myriad of timbers, each with its own unique set of characteristics. Broad colour tones and grain structure are what we tend to focus on first, from hearty open-grained oak to classic tight-grained walnut. We then explore the subtle differences between specific species of tree be it English, European, or American, before refining our choice of crown, rift or quarter sawn cut.

Piece of elm also showing natural burr
Different wood samples on a table

Colour matching

The colour of one tree will always vary from the next which is, in part, why we all love wood so much. Similarly, every piece of wooden furniture will look different from the next. While part of what makes timber so appealing, the colour variations can throw a spanner in the works when trying to match existing or past projects exactly. Occasionally, when a project commands it, we will buy an entire tree to make sure the colour and characteristics of the wood match throughout the project. We often cut our veneers in house from the solid timber to ensure an identical and seamless aesthetic.

It moves, it moves, it moves

We can’t say it enough. The number one rule when working with solid timber is understanding that it moves, it shrinks, it expands, it bends, it cups and it twists. If you know what you’re doing with it, which we do, then there isn’t a material that we think beats it. We will always advise you on the most appropriate way of using it and highlight any potential concerns before they become an issue.

Branching out

Our expertise doesn’t stop with wood. Over the years, we have established excellent relationships with likeminded craftspeople who specialise in other materials. Our technical aptitude and grasp of engineering allow us to transition between materials and understand the complexities of incorporating them into our designs to achieve the best quality. From leatherworkers to glass makers and precision metal engineers, we have a little black book of trusted manufacturers up and down the country.

A woodland scene
Book-matched burr walnut sample

Overview of materials

Sustainable FSC wood

Whether solid wood furniture or beautifully veneered, timber is a highly regarded natural material, with each species of tree having its own distinctive quality. We have a good reputation with some of the best timber yards and veneer suppliers in Britain and select only the very best sustainably sourced and eco friendly timber for our projects. Occasionally, when a project commands it, we will buy an entire tree to make sure the colour and characteristics of the wood is consistent throughout, ensuring the timber is sustainably sourced FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) material.

Glass and mirror

Whether your piece of furniture requires clear, textured, coloured or decorative glass, we work with two of the best suppliers in the south of England and can offer an impressive selection of glass and mirror.

Glass samples
Bespoke metal components shown on furniture


Some of the best furniture often involves bespoke parts fabricated in metal, whether stainless steel, aluminium, silver, brass or chrome plating. Whether it’s a bespoke handle, decorative inlay, silver leafing or a custom-made hinge, we work with trusted and experience metalworkers to produce exceptional products.

Leather, Fabric and Flock

Whether it’s a dining chair, leather panelled desk or a flock-lined jewellery box, many pieces of furniture require the addition of a softer material. We use a highly skilled local upholsterer and can provide thousands of fabric swatches for you to choose the perfect colour or pattern from.

Fabric samples of different colours

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