Contemporary Limited-Edition & Bespoke Luxury Furniture

  • Our workshop is at the very heart of our business where our expertise and craftsmanship fuse together to create our unique in-house products.

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  • Ellipse coffee table made in ash with a white oil finish and glass top.

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  • Squaring the Circle jewellery box made in elm and maple.

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  • Ripples ‘Splash’ coffee table shown in blue bird’s-eye maple.

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  • Showroom Table for Bella Figura, Chelsea Harbour, London.

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  • Collaborate sideboard made in walnut, aok and glass.

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We design and make exclusive, contemporary limited-edition and bespoke luxury furniture to provide you with quality, originality and choice. We create contemporary products with a unique signature style for those who enjoy and appreciate accomplished design and excellent craftsmanship, and who are looking for something truly individual.

As a friendly and experienced team, we make the process of commissioning one of our pieces of furniture as flexible, enjoyable and rewarding as possible. We understand that all our clients are different and therefore we tailor our approach to suit you and always maintain a can-do attitude.

Put simply, there are three paths to acquiring a piece of our furniture. Which one suits you best will depend on your design flexibility, time capacity and budget.

Purchase a Stocked item: This is the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective option and ideal for those wishing to purchase an Edward Johnson piece immediately.

Commission a Limited-Edition item: As-seen, or tailored to your specific requirements: i.e. alternative timber combinations and small design tweaks. This is ideal for those who like one of our existing designs but may wish to tailor it to meet their specific requirements without the time commitment, design unknowns and premium cost of a bespoke piece.

Collaborate on a Bespoke design: This service is ideal for those who want something truly individual and are happy to spend the time collaborating on their own bespoke design.

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The glory of gardening
22nd April 2020
The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.~ Alfred Austin I am extremely fortunate to have a nice garden, and over the past few warm and sunny weeks the bulbs and plants have begun to spring to life. I have always had an enormous respect and appreciation for nature, and many of my furniture designs take inspiration from it. I have also been a keen gardener for many years. Like many, I have appreciated my garden even more whilst in lockdown, with the garden fence being as far as we can safely venture. Whether your garden is large or small, or you are a keen gardener or not, I am certain our personal outdoor spaces have provided us with an essential sanctuary during these unprecedented times. My heart truly goes out to those that do not have this luxury, and hope that many have been able to utilise our parks and green spaces, albeit, sadly, without the ability to sit and ponder. Whilst working from home and seeing a lot more of my garden I have been mulling over ideas for organic structures, alternative dividers, fencing and screens, and the possibilities of sculptural seating: forms that combine function and aesthetics which I can integrate creatively with my planting schemes. The possibilities are endless, and my imagination has been fired. If you too have been pondering your garden and outdoor spaces, and would like to discuss any ideas you have had for outside structures and designs - no matter how unformed or ambitious - please get in touch, and I would be very happy to discuss your ideas with you. Most of our work is done remotely and commissions can, on the whole, be instigated through emails, phone calls, skype or facetime. Edward Johnson, April 2020 'Undressed' Clothes Valet - Made and ready stock: £770 + delivery. Inspiration In August 2017, we were commissioned through ‘a space’ in Southampton and Stonewater Housing to produce an outdoor public art sculpture. It was made for a small housing development called Gascony Place, and installed in Anjou Close under a beautiful old oak tree, in the Bearwood region of Bournemouth. You can read more about it on our blog here. Perhaps for some inspiration! The Pennant sculpture newly installed at Gascony Place with its early planting. We keep meaning to go back to see how it has grown! Photo: Alex Batten. Constructing and trialling the sculpture outside the workshop. <back to blog
Small businesses need your support!
31st March 2020
Dear friends, colleagues and clients, I wanted to write an appeal given the current challenges that thousands of businesses are facing across the country and indeed worldwide. Small businesses far and wide need your support! The country is facing a major problem with both supply and demand of products and whilst the headline news is focused on increased demand in supermarkets, many other sectors are experiencing a dramatic decrease in business. My concerns for small businesses far and wide, are not just for the coming weeks, but the coming months. We, like many others, have already experienced the immediate effects with projects being cancelled at short notice. Naturally our focus is on the here and now, but sadly this problem is not going away any time soon! I implore you not to freeze but to continue with life as best you can in these challenging circumstances, albeit from the safety of your home for those who are able. Government support may go some way to getting businesses through the coming weeks, but we will need your support to keep us busy through the coming months. With your support we can get through this and also keep our loyal and talented team together. Most of our work is done remotely and commissions can, on the whole, be instigated through emails, phone calls, skype or facetime. We also have an excellent selection of stocked furniture that is ready and waiting to be delivered through non-contact means. I wish you all the best and I hope you remain safe and healthy!Best wishes Ed