Edward Johnson: Furniture Designer


Edward Johnson furniture maker in his workshop using a bandsaw to cut timber.


Edward Johnson, furniture designer and maker, established his business in 2009 after gaining invaluable experience working in the furniture design and manufacturing industry. He graduated in 2007 from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University with a first-class honours degree. Edward has since gone on to develop a deep understanding for his craft and now produces museum quality furniture for private and commercial clients.

Edward Johnson’s work is the product of a deep understanding of his chosen materials and his desire to explore its many possibilities. His creative approach allows him to think outside of the box and push the boundaries of his materials to the limit, primarily, although not exclusively, wood. It demands that he stays true to traditional methods, where he has worked tirelessly to hone his craftsmanship, specialist skills and technical knowledge – whilst striving to do so with an open mind and ambitious outlook.

Edward describes his work as ‘being led by a core desire to challenge and innovate’. His designs are often conceptually based, but with form and function always at the fore. Edward perceives both beauty and usefulness in equal parts when designing and developing his ideas into thought-provoking, fluid and tactile forms. One of his principal aims is to challenge our understanding of what is possible, which he achieves through his creative aptitude and ability to engineer in wood.

Edward’s first studio was a bench space within a co-operative workshop in Brighton. As the business began to grow, it was evident that it needed to expand. In 2014, after being awarded a ‘Be the Business’ matched funding grant, he secured his own workshop in Bosham, Chichester.

The studio and workshop environment has provided Edward with a rare opportunity as a designer-maker that allows him to constantly develop his designs into beautiful three-dimensional objects. The work produced is very ambitious and aims to push wood to its limit, made possible by an exacting knowledge of working with timber.

Edward prides himself on having a close working relationship with his clients, who are frequently invited to the workshop at various stages of production, providing a symbiotic relationship between designer-maker and client. The hands-on approach is central to Edward’s practice and ethos of the business. Edward spends a good proportion of his time at the bench and is deeply involved with every project.

Edward has exhibited his work widely in the UK, and has been supported by and recognised within the industry for achieving excellence within design, innovation and craftsmanship. He has previously won the Wood Awards (bespoke furniture category) and three prestigious Bespoke Guild Marks awarded by The Furniture Maker’s Company.


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