We have had the great pleasure of working on part of the project to re-develop Graylingwell Chapel, a Grade II listed building that was once part of the former Graylingwell Hospital in Chichester.

Graylingwell chapel interior showing cabinets
Graylingwell Chapel interior showing some of the display cabinets and the Chancel bench under the stained glass window

We have collaborated and contributed to the furnishing of the Chapel and have been involved in making display cabinets for artefacts, a large Chancel seating area with integrated lights and headphones, movable and fixed storage cabinets, a play area including a slide and tunnel, and a fitted café area.

Graylingwell Chapel project: Chancel benches with green upholstery and integrated lighting.
The Chancel bench with integrated lighting and headphones

The building is owned by the Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT) who have been restoring and redeveloping the Chapel as part of a larger development of the remaining hospital buildings, with the Chapel being the only original building still accessible to the public. The chapel is now ‘a multi-purpose space that preserves the site’s heritage through informative displays, engaging activities and opportunities for learning and social interaction’.

Graylingwell Chapel opening night with a crowd.
The opening night

The Chapel was officially opened on Friday 4th March 2022 by the brilliant Hugh Bonneville and has a full programme of activities and events planned. The project has received support from The National Lottery Heritage Fund alongside many other project partners. The whole project and the Chapel’s history is documented comprehensively on the Graylingwell Chapel website.

Many people have come together, collaborated, and worked hard to bring this community project to life, providing a wonderful space for the public to use. It is an absolute triumph, and we were delighted to be involved!

There’s also a page about Edward on the CCDT website that you might like to visit.

Three musicians playing at the opening of Graylingwell Chapel in front of the Chancel bench.
Musicians at the opening night in the Chapel in from of the Chancel bench

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