Elm, London plane & maple key cabinet (right opening)

£4,250.00 inc. VAT

Ref. 1936

The crescent-shaped ‘Luna’ key cabinet is designed to hold all your keys, wallet and mobile phone. It also features a useful mirror in the back of the unit.

Please note:
We offer the Luna key cabinet in different material combinations. Please see our made to order options.

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    Our ‘Luna’ key cabinet is made from our own Murano circular and semi-circular veneers, the gradient has been carefully selected, starting at the core with a light-coloured maple flowing through to London plane and then elm to create a stunning tonal blend.

    Inside three rails hold the specially made key rings with space at the bottom for your wallet or mobile phone. The cabinet also houses a mirror for those final checks before leaving the house.

    • Dimensions: 43cm (w) x 70cm (h) x 9cm (d)
    • Right-hand opening door.
    • Limited edition of 50
    • Comes with Edward Johnson’s silver hallmarked maker’s mark

    If you would like to order this key cabinet a different timber combination please explore our made to order options.

    Designer: Edward Johnson
    Maker: Peter Craven