Squaring the Circle humidor box

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Ref. 1902H

The beautiful Squaring the Circle humidor box has been designed to hold all your cigars.

  • Available in three timber options
  • Comes with four trays: One housing the hygrometer and three to hold your cigars and seasoning pouch
  • The internal trays have a choice of four timber options

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    The Squaring the Circle humidor box forms part of Edward’s Murano Collection. On this occasion he has taken our semi-circular Murano curves a step further, producing them in perfectly matched circular forms on five sides of the cubed box. Each side of the box is reminiscent of the growth rings of a tree juxtaposed with the straight and angular edges of the cube.

    A solid turned ‘dimple’ is incorporated into the top, which acts as a discreet handle to fully open the two sides of the humidor box. Inside there are four trays. The top tray accommodates the hygrometer that measures humidity and helps monitor the perfect environment. The other three trays are divided into two compartments and lined with Spanish cedar ready to hold your cigars and seasoning pouch. Spanish cedar is the ideal choice to line a humidor as it holds more moisture than most woods, making it an excellent material to keep your cigars in the best condition.

    • Dimensions: 18cm (w) x 19cm (h) x 18cm (d)
    • Materials: Olive ash, elm or walnut
    • Tray timber options: Fumed oak, walnut, elm, white ash (lined with Spanish cedar)
    • Hinges: Polished brass, stainless steel, light patinated brass, dark patinated brass
    • Limited edition of 100
    • Comes with Edward Johnson’s silver hallmarked maker’s mark
    • Production Time: This project takes 6+ weeks to manufacture depending on our workshop schedule. Once you have placed your order, we will confirm our delivery date with you.
    • Please note: Wood is a natural material; therefore, grain and exact colour tone will differ from product to product.

    Designer: Edward Johnson


    Elm, Olive Ash, Walnut

    Interior Trays

    Fumed oak, Walnut, Elm, White Ash


    Polished Brass, Stainless Steel, Light Patinated Brass, Dark Patinated Brass