Volumptuous oak sideboard

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We are incredibly pleased to welcome Edward Johnson’s Volumptuous sideboard to our Seasoned Collection for re-sale. This piece has been pre-owned and lovingly treasured by one of our clients. Although they are reluctant to let this very special piece go, they are planning to downsize and would love to find a new home for it.

  • Dimensions: 85cm (h) x 165cm (w) x 50cm (d)
  • Materials: Oak exterior lined with aromatic Cedar of Lebanon

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    The story behind the Volumptuous sideboard

    This is a fantastic opportunity to own a unique and highly significant piece of Edward Johnson furniture. It was the first major piece that Edward made after setting up his business and was ground-breaking as the forerunner to his Ripples Collection. The sideboard is in very good condition and has Edward’s original solid silver maker’s mark inlaid into it.

    The framework was made perfectly square and then hand shaped to follow the curves of each of the ‘bubbling’ panels. The piece was then lightly fumed with ammonia to achieve the rich tone.

    Ammonia fuming is a traditional process for darkening and enriching the colour of oak. The chemistry is an oxidation of naturally occurring tannins in the timber. Supposedly it was discovered by observing the way that oak beams in stables were darkened on exposure to the fumes from horse urine!

    After making this piece Edward said, “Volumptuous is a truly unique sideboard, a work of art, a piece that tested me as a maker and made me feel uncomfortable as a designer… [It] is as sensuous as furniture gets, visually stimulating, enticingly tactile and beautifully scented”.

    Those who know Edward’s furniture and have followed his career will know that pushing the boundaries of his materials is central to his work and has become one of his trademarks.

    In 2011 Volumptuous was shown at the ‘21st Century Furniture III: The Arts & Crafts Legacy’ exhibition held at Millinery Works gallery, London. A major showcase for leading bespoke designer-makers. It was also featured in Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine issue 178. Volumptuous was also shortlisted for the Wood Awards bespoke furniture category in the same year.

    Please note: Any pre-owned furniture bought through our ‘Seasoned Collection’ is not covered by the Edward Johnson Ltd 10-year guarantee. These items are strictly sold as seen on behalf of our clients.

    Please contact us if you would like to ask any further questions and we will be happy to assist. Thank you.

    Designer: Edward Johnson
    Maker: Edward Johnson