Triangles Murano wall mirror

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Available in 3+ weeks
Ref. 4010

The dazzling and eye-catching ‘Triangles Murano’ wall mirror forms part of Edward Johnson’s Murano Collection.

  • Available in three timber options
  • A choice size and shape
  • A choice or mirror finish

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We do hold a small selection of Triangles Murano wall mirrors in stock for immediate dispatch – please check!

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    The marquetry style veneer used in the ‘Triangles Murano’ wall mirror is intricately handmade from small strips of timber which are glued and cut into triangles before carefully assembling together. The pattern is accentuated by the varying tones and hues of the natural timber creating an optical three-dimensional impression. The mirror has an oiled finish.

    The mirror is available in six sizes: three square options, and three rectangular. Made to order in a choice of three timbers and two mirror finishes, these mirrors would provide a stand-out focal point to any room.

    This mirror perfectly complements both our Perspective and Windmill key cabinets making an ideal duo for your hallway.

    • Small square – 45cm x 45cm (Ref. 4010-SS)
    • Medium square – 67.5cm x 67.5cm (Ref. 4010-SM)
    • Large square – 90cm x 90cm) (Ref. 4010-SL)
    • Small rectangular – 52.5cm x 37.5cm (Ref. 4010-RS)
    • Medium rectangular – 75cm x 52.5cm (Ref. 4010-RM)
    • Large rectangular – 97.5cm x 75cm (Ref. 4010-RL)
    • Materials: Elm, walnut, olive ash
    • Mirrored Glass: Mirrored standard low iron, mirrored antique, mirrored antique bronze
    • Limited edition of 250
    • Production Time: This project takes 3+ weeks to manufacture depending on our workshop schedule. Once you have placed your order, we will confirm our delivery date with you.
    • Please note: Wood is a natural material, therefore, grain and exact colour will differ from product to product.

    Designer: Edward Johnson
    Maker: Anna Bargery


    Elm, Olive Ash, Walnut

    Mirrored Glass

    Mirrored Standard Low Iron, Mirrored Antique, Mirrored Antique Bronze


    Small square – 45cm x 45cm, Medium square – 67.5cm x 67.5cm , Large square – 90cm x 90cm , Small rectangular – 52.5cm x 37.5cm , Medium rectangular – 75cm x 52.5cm, Large rectangular – 97.5cm x 75cm