Bespoke Chairs

Take a seat

We can design and make almost any seating type, from stools and benches to chairs and chaise longues. While there are thousands of mass-produced designs available, sometimes a bespoke approach is the best option to achieve a coherent design and perfect fit with your other décor and furniture. It should be said that we like to have at least some wood visible within our designs and where a chair is to be fully upholstered we will defer to other companies specialising in fully upholstered seating.

Why not browse our limited-edition range of chairs for inspiration?

Bespoke chairs: detail of curved sculptural oak arm.
Detaill of bespoke chair leg and woven cane seat.

Fit like a glove

Seating is more intimate than any other piece of furniture. Designing a chair is more akin to designing an item of clothing than piece of furniture – getting the perfect fit is just as important as what it looks like. Comfort and durability are priorities when we design custom seating.

Matching the décor

The number one reason we get commissioned to design and make seating is to match to existing furniture, be it a dining table, desk or coffee table. While there’s a lot of existing furniture you could mix and match with, there’s nothing like a bespoke design that incorporates subtle details to match the room and décor. It might be as simple as a limed oak finish to match a coastal dining room theme, walnut inlay to reflect a nearby sideboard or a woven seat to evoke a Scandinavian style. Whatever the aesthetic, we can work with you to bring the same feeling into the chair design for a more coherent space.

Detail of bespoke chair legs with oak inset into walnut.
Fabric samples of different colours

Fabric and leather upholstery

We work with likeminded upholsterers and leatherworks to incorporate a softer touch of fabric with great success, from bespoke scatter cushions to leather strap detailing, deep buttoned bench cushions to fully upholstered seat panels. Whether contemporary or traditional upholstery, we have the expertise to incorporate different materials into our design and good relationships with skilled craftspeople to deliver on the design.

A full set

As you can imagine, we’ve been commissioned to design and make several dining table and chair sets over the years. We’ve also been commissioned to make chairs to match existing dining table designs. Invariably the dining table comes first in the thought process, but in reality, the chairs are an equally important feature of any dining room.

Bespoke chairs around a dining table in a room.

We can design and make any piece of bespoke furniture. Here’s a selection of what we can offer…

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