Bespoke Dressing Tables

Dressing up!

Unlike most other items of furniture which are shared or multi-purpose, a dressing table is a personal space, designed solely for one person to use. This makes it an ideal piece to commission as we can tailor every single detail to suit just you.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

We have a highly skilled team of craftsmen who make all our furniture in-house to precise standards. As everything is handmade, we get to know a piece of furniture well during the build, so we’re perfectly positioned to tweak and fine-tune the smallest details to make sure your dressing table is a pleasure to use.

Detail of a corner of a bespoke dressing table.
Detail of the top of a wooden stool.


We can also design and make a stool to match your bespoke dressing table. It can be solid wood, fully upholstered or somewhere in between, depending on your brief and style. We have excellent, well-established relationships with likeminded upholsterers who practice traditional and modern upholstery methods and work to our high standards.

A place for everything, and everything in its place

Edward is well known for being particular about where and how things are organised, kept and stored. With this in mind, he can design the storage elements of your dressing table with as much, or as little, detail as you like. Each drawer should have a specific use, taking into consideration depth, height, divisions, trays and sockets that suit exactly how you want to use it. Unlike other pieces of furniture that may need a more flexible approach to storage, we can afford to be precise when it comes to a dressing table designed specifically for you.

Detail of a drawer showing compartments for a bespoke dressing table.

We can design and make any piece of bespoke furniture. Here’s a selection of what we can offer…

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