Bespoke Coffee Tables

Laying our cards on the coffee table

Before designing a custom coffee table, it’s important to know what it’s going to be used for. Hear us out. Yes, we know that, generally, it’s a low wide table often used to put drinks on, but it’s more nuanced than that. You may want additional space for storing books or knick-knacks, putting a few plates down or, dare I say, putting your feet up! These considerations will change how we approach the design. We all use them in different ways and the beauty of commissioning a bespoke table is you can have it exactly how you want it. We can create the perfect table for your living room.

Sculptural bespoke coffee table shown in living room.
Bespoke coffee table detail showing top made in Massur birch.

Go with the flow

A well-designed coffee table should seamlessly integrate into your living space through its size, shape and aesthetic, feeling as if it’s always been there – part of the furniture, you might say. Sitting rooms are high traffic areas, used in a wide variety of ways, so flow of movement and interior design is an important consideration when designing a coffee table. Softening edges at pinch points or tapering the shape to funnel movement can all help.

Material matters

Whether it’s a brushed stainless-steel glass fixing, a patinated brass underframe or an organic shaped glass top, we have the knowledge, experience and contacts to bring it all together. Despite all the caution in the world, we know that spillages are inevitable. We always consider this when choosing the finish and material for a coffee table’s top, discussing the practicalities of oil versus lacquer or even glass coverings for a low maintenance approach. We love collaborating with likeminded craftspeople who specialise in working with a range of materials including glass, metal and leather. Have a look through our shop and signature styles for inspiration.

Detail of bespoke coffee table showing walnut, metal and glass.
Detail of bespoke coffee table with rippled top in light blue maple.

Effortlessly elegant to endlessly eclectic

Coffee tables are amongst the items of furniture with which you can be the most creative. While you are restricted in part by height and general size, these parameters are often a little looser than, say, a dining table or a chest of drawers. A bespoke coffee table can embody a simple elegant design fulfilling a clear functional need or it can be an extravagant statement piece that sets the tone for your living room. We have designed coffee tables in a broad range of styles from classic to contemporary, spanning most of our signature styles from our flamboyant Ripples Collection to our refined Sussex Collection.

“Key to the creation of our stunning coffee table was the consultation process. We had already met and chatted to Ed before we decided to ask him to help us find a table that worked for us..”

Mr and Mrs P

We can design and make any piece of bespoke furniture. Here’s a selection of what we can offer…

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