Bespoke Chests of Drawers

All shapes and sizes

Drawers for clothes, drawers for stationery, drawers for cutlery, drawers for filing or drawers just for looking at. We have designed and made a wide array of custom chests of drawers over the years to suit our clients’ exacting requirements. Whatever their purpose we can design a chest of drawers to fit any object, space and shape you like.

Detail of a bespoke chest of drawers made in Murano veneers.
Detail of drawer showing dividers for a bespoke chest of drawers.

Traditional fit or soft close

As soft close mechanisms have become a standard feature of modern kitchens, we’ve seen a growing demand for them to be incorporated into chests of drawers. They offer an ease of use and gentle closing that is understandably attractive. If budgets allow, we believe that traditionally fitted drawers made by our skilled and experienced cabinets makers offer an unsurpassed connection to craftsmanship. A finely fitted drawer glides shut with a satisfying push, as it forces the air out of the cabinet. Both methods and mechanisms have their place in contemporary furniture design and we can advise on which is most suitable for you and your custom piece of furniture.

Dovetailed details

You have two options for your furniture’s joinery: plain drawer box construction or more luxurious dovetails. Developed at a time when there was a need for a mechanical-style joint to bolster natural glues, dovetail joints have become a symbol of quality and durability. While many companies cut their dovetails by machine, and we have the facility to do so, we prefer to cut ours by hand, achieving an infinitely more refined finish and design. As you can imagine, dovetails do take considerable skill and time to cut, so there is a premium for this construction method. We think it’s worth it, but if you’re unsure, see the difference for yourself.

Hand chiselling dovetail joints in the workshop
Detail of drawers on a bespoke rippled chest of drawers that are handleless.

Handles or handle-less

Edward’s tutor once told him he should always start designing a chest of drawers by designing the handles. While he doesn’t fully subscribe to this philosophy, he fully understands that handles are a main feature and significantly impact what the final product looks like. There are 3 routes to explore when thinking about handles: remove them altogether and incorporate a push-to-open mechanism or discreet finger scoops; blend them into the design in a subtle way; or make a feature of them. To help you choose the right option, we recommend considering the aesthetic of surrounding furniture and the room.

“I absolutely love my chest of drawers. Its beautiful design is truly a wonderful modern Masterpiece. The craftsmanship and perfection of detail is unique, and I love to sit and admire it. It is also extremely useful! It will be an inheritance to be treasured by my grandson and future generations.”

MS, London

We can design and make any piece of bespoke furniture. Here’s a selection of what we can offer…

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