Bespoke Dining Tables

Made for memories

Just like family and friends, bespoke dining tables come in all shapes and sizes. We can design and make the perfect table to suit your décor, room and lifestyle. Whether you want oval or square, traditional or modern, small or large, we can work with your brief to serve up a custom table to host your favourite meals, memorable conversations and nearest and dearest.

A circular bespoke dining table in a dining room.
A tape measure shown measuring rough sawn oak in the workshop.

Made to measure

The two most important factors when deciding the size of a table are the number of people you are going to typically seat and the room dimensions. Along with making sure the table fits in your room, you’ll want to make sure there is enough space for people to move around and adjust their chairs comfortably.

A table which needs to accommodate both small and large groups must strike a certain balance. It needs to be small enough for an intimate atmosphere when dining with a couple of friends and large enough to avoid elbow fights during larger roast dinners with the whole family.

If you anticipate hosting groups of drastically different sizes, we encourage you to consider commissioning a bespoke extending dining table, which can easily be adapted to suit any occasion. Due to their more complex construction, extending dining tables incur additional costs. Even without built-in adjustability, we know a bespoke fixed-size table can be a great solution.

Made to shape

Different shaped dining tables offer different advantages. While square or rectangular tables maximise surface area and space for people to sit comfortably, they can create pinch points in a room. Round tables can better accommodate additional people, affecting other place settings equally, avoiding making one section of table particularly congested.

Along with these benefits, we consider the space itself – what will look aesthetically pleasing and what shape will allow people to move comfortably around the furniture. Whatever your requirements for space, capacity, size or shape, we can design and make a bespoke dining table that gets it right.

Detail of bespoke dining table with curved based and burr walnut top.
A selection of timber samples.

Made to last

Dining tables are made to be used. Like an old, cherished casserole dish with chipped edges, over time, a dining table will develop a patina and character, evoking memories of the wonderful occasions and stories you’ve shared around it.

When the design allows, we make our dining tables from natural solid wood. While it’s the most robust material to use, it’s sometimes not a viable option due to its shrinkage and expansion properties.

The alternative is veneer. We usually suggest using thick construction-grade veneer to accommodate future repair and maintenance. To achieve colour consistency with the legs and underframe, we often cut our own veneers in house. Working with the beauty of the veneer we can use it in myriad ways to create spectacular designs.

When selecting materials for your bespoke dining table, we’ll ask about your lifestyle to ascertain what option is right for you. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution and what’s right for one client might not be right for you.

Made to impress

Dining tables aren’t strictly functional; they are often in a prime location to also be statement pieces, reflecting your character and aesthetic. Few other pieces of furniture will serve such a crucial role in entertaining family and friends, so it’s the perfect opportunity to embrace a bold design. From burr walnut starburst tops to sweeping edge chamfers and sculptural flowing legs, we can custom make a dining table to impress. We often integrate glass, stone and metalwork into our dining tables as feature focal points, which can also act as functional surfaces to serve from. Desire a decorative fabric laminated glass centre piece feature or prefer a practical stone serving area? The choice is yours!

Bespoke dining table detail showing marquetry.

We can design and make any piece of bespoke furniture. Here’s a selection of what we can offer…

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