Bespoke Nests of Tables

A nest for your home

Within our limited-edition range, our nesting tables called Ed, Edd & Eddy are so popular that one client bought three sets for different locations throughout their house. If you like what you see in our limited-edition range, keep in mind we can make them all in a range of different materials of your choosing. That said, if you require something a little different, we can create a bespoke nest of tables that suits your specific interior décor and needs. As a bespoke design, the cost will be higher than our limited-edition range.

Bespoke nest of tables next to a sofa in a living room.
Bespoke nest of tables in burr elm.

No order too tall (or short)

The size of side tables can vary enormously and what’s right for you depends on both how you intend to use them and your seating. If one table is to be used primarily as a lamp table or for flower arrangements, you may wish for the tallest of the set to be slightly higher. Equally, if you have a low-sitting sofa, we can reduce the table height to suit.

Traditional, modern or something in between

Edward draws inspiration from a range of different styles and movements, from classic to contemporary through to art deco and arts and crafts. Whatever the style of your living room, he can develop a design tailormade to suit your aesthetic.

Three 'drum-like' bespoke side tables in a landscape with sunset.
Bespoke side table detail  showing glass top.

What’s in a table

While we love working with wood, we also have vast experience in incorporating a range of materials into our furniture. We work with skilled craftspeople and companies who specialise in glass, metal and more. You can have a glass tabletop cut to any shape and choose from a huge range of glass finishes. From smoked to metallic bronze acid-etched glass, we can find the perfect finish to complement the tables’ wood and overall design. We often specify bespoke metal components within our coffee tables to add a finishing touch or eclectic feel to the design.

To nest or not to nest

Your side tables don’t have to nest. You may want to have each table permanently in use rather than nesting them away regularly. In this case we can look at designing a family of three or more tables of varying or similar sizes to fit and be used around a room. Our limited-edition Chichester Tables are designed liked this, not to nest fully but for use as an ensemble collection.

Two circular bespoke side tables made in ash shown in a living room.

We can design and make any piece of bespoke furniture. Here’s a selection of what we can offer…

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