Bespoke Wooden Boxes

Boxing clever

There is something about the intricacy and secrecy of a wooden box that makes it enchanting and irresistible to touch. Boxes are at the finer end of the cabinet making spectrum. Our boxes are made using the highest quality materials and hardware available. Engineered with precision, we design boxes to protect your most precious valuables, from watches and jewellery to memories and dreams.

Detail of bespoke wooden box lid with curved veneers.
Bespoke jewellery box showing four stackable trays.

Jewellery box

We understand how precious and personal jewellery can be. We also know how to keep it safe and display it beautifully so you can appreciate it both when you’re wearing it and when you’re not. Collaborating with us to create a bespoke design and interior layout can be hugely rewarding. Jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes, so a custom box means you can choose elements to suit your items best, from ring and earring rolls to necklace channels and bracelet compartments, all meticulously upholstered in a range of fine suede colours. Why not browse our limited-edition range of boxes for inspiration?

Toy box

Toy boxes should be fun, robust and safe for precious little fingers. We always make toy boxes using solid timber that can absorb the unforgiving, yet inevitable knocks and bangs that go along with the excitement of playing with toys at a young age. We think it’s important to design boxes so they can ‘grow up’ with the children and be re-purposed in later life to hold items other than toys. Dovetails are often a key feature not only for their traditional heritage, but also their enduring mechanical locking design.

Detail of a bespoke wooden toy box showing dovetail joints.

Watch box

Just like jewellery, precious watches need to be stored safely and correctly when you’re not wearing them. Whether you have a collection of watches that need winding when motionless or a single cherished watch that you simply take off each night at bedtime, we can design and make a box or indeed a cabinet to accommodate your needs. We can incorporate automatic watch winding mechanisms should you desire. We can make custom watch cushions to suit the design and watch size, with or without contrast stitch detailing.

Heirloom keepsake boxes

Boxes are the easiest pieces of furniture to gift to a loved one. We can all find space and use for a box, no matter its size or the lifestyle we lead. Over the years, we have been commissioned to design and make keepsake boxes in a range of different sizes and functions. One particular commission saw Edward design a family tree to adorn four boxes gifted to a client’s grandchildren. The design incorporated the dates of birth of three generations through the use of inlay within our hand-made Murano veneer pattern. Read more about the Family Tree collection.

Bespoke 'Family Tree' heirloom box made in walnut and fumed oak

We can design and make any piece of bespoke furniture. Here’s a selection of what we can offer…

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